For The People + Planet

What does Koa mean? Well it's a common word amongst different Polynesian languages, but in our case it stands for Kids of Aotearoa. That's exactly who we want to produce goods for, the future of our country and the generation leading the change.

We also love and respect the Te reo Māori version, where Koa simply translates to happy or joy, words which we like to think our entire company revolves around.
Koa Goods = Happy Goods. 
With that we aim to focus on three core values
+ Planet
 + People
    + Product.
  • 01 | Koa Planet: Everything we do we aim to keep Mother Nature at the forefront. We promise to fight for change, challenging ourselves, and the industry, to do better, as we persist in our willingness to learn and adapt along the way.  

  • 02 | Koa People: for the Koa Whānau, the growers, producers, designers, customers and everyone in between, we strive to ensure that everyone benefits from our mission.
  • 03 | Koa Product: in synchronicity with People and Planet, our Products must be kind to the Planet, while being stylish, creative and durable. 
How we strive to to achieve the above.
Carbon Zero -  Not only is Koa Goods sustainable, it is the only carbon neutral clothing company in New Zealand. This means that in our business at least 100% of our total carbon emissions are offset annually. This includes the merch we produce for our customers. Every process, from start to finish, is offset and 100% carbon neutral. Our carbon emissions are offset through reforestation programs in developing world countries - see below.
Sustainable fabrics - We are incredibly selective when it comes to choosing the source of our fabrics. Each and every material is mindfully selected based on its environmental footprint as well as its quality, feel and longevity. That is why all the materials we use are either organic or recycled and we focus heavily on fabrics such as hemp which are well known for their environmental benefits. Find out more about the fabrics we choose here.
Premium quality - Over the last three years, working closely with a small group of personal suppliers, we’ve been able to develop a near perfect, wide range of products. We’ve been able to ensure consistent and excellent quality while maintaining flexibility to meet our customers’ needs. By understanding the source of our goods, and how they are produced and created, we ensure the production of ethical and sustainable goods.
Without the high price-tag - quality and eco-friendly clothing usually comes with a hefty price tag.  However, in order to stand by our values, People, Product and Planet,  we strive to encourage everyone to wear eco-friendly clothing -  so we decided to skip the high price tag. You’re welcome :)
Bonus point – plant trees with every purchase!
Reforestation: We are in partnership with Eden Reforestation Projects, and for every garment ordered, trees are planted in areas of severe deforestation and poverty such as Haiti, Ethiopia, Madagascar, Central America and Indonesia. This not only helps restore forests in these regions, but also employs local villages helping bring them out of poverty. Learn more about our reforestation project here.