Koa Goods – our quest

Our goal is to transform merchandise production through providing companies, bands, events etc. with the option to produce their clothing in the most eco-friendly means possible.

What we will organise for you 

Once finalised, you place your order with us and we will sort everything from there.  The garments will be produced, printed and/or embroidered, quality checked, and shipped direct to your door.

The actual process

  1. To begin with, we work with you to get an idea of what you're wanting to produce and the quantities (whether that be tees, hoodies, caps etc.)
  2. When we know your design requirements we can assist with any design help where needed
  3. We then see if our current blanks work for you, or whether you need your own garments customised
  4. You then pick from a range of colours and fabrics
  5. A sample of your design will be produced for your approval
  6. Once confirmed the garments are produced and printed to your exact requirements 
  7. After completion, our suppliers carefully inspect your order to ensure quality control before shipping it to our HQ
  8. Once received at our HQ, we will do one final inspection before shipping your finished goods to you.