1. DESIGN | Each collection is carefully created by us in Ōtepoti, Aotearoa. We measure and perfect each piece for maximum functionality and longevity.
2. SPECIFICATION | We choose proven, high-quality and sustainable fabrics. Each fabric is carefully selected based on it's environmental benefits, comfort and durability. 

3. GROWTH | We then scout and purchase premium raw product from our growers to begin the creation process. 
4. CREATION | Our designs and raw materials are delivered to our production partners and created with care by small teams, who produce very limited quantities to meet our unique requirements and minimise overproduction and waste.
5. SHIPPING | Finished garments are sent from our home base in Ōtepoti to start their new life with whatever adventure you take them on. 
6. TREE PLANTING | Money from the garments is then sent to our partners overseas who employ local people in countries such as Haiti, Madagascar and Indonesia to plant trees in areas of sever deforestation.