Here at Koa Goods, we not only make our own blanks, we also love helping other companies, artists, individuals and everyone in between to make their own premium, eco-friendly, carbon neutral merch.

Whether it's 15 units or 15,000, we have a solution for you. 

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How we differentiate from other printing companies

  • Carbon Neutral - all of our products are 100% carbon neutral.
  • Sustainable Fabrics - all of our fabrics are either organic or recycled and made with the planet in mind. 
  • Premium Quality - we don't buy cheap blanks - all of our garments are made specifically for us and every batch is quality checked. 
  • Competitive Pricing - we cut out the middleman which allows us to offer competitive prices.
  • Comprehensive Colour Range - we have Australasia's biggest selection of garment colours for printing on.
  • Premium Printing / Embroidery - our printing partners have been in the game for more than 20 years and produce excellent quality printing no matter what method chosen, every time. 
  • More Variety - producing our own garments gives us flexibility to produce fine-tuned garments specific to your requirements.
  • Personal Design Assistance - being designers ourselves, we can help design and create your dream pieces.
  • Bonus point – plant trees with every purchase! - through our partnership organisation Eden Reforestation Projects, for every garment ordered we plant trees in areas of severe deforestation and poverty.

Want to get your own merch made? 

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