Our goal is a big, but simple one; to reshape how Aotearoa and Australia produce their merchandise from their current ways, too far more sustainable and ethical practices.


Here at Koa, we are aware of the detrimental effect the apparel industry has on the environment, with fashion being one of the foremost polluting industries. For this reason, we have searched for ways to make a change and pave a new way for the fashion / merchandise industry to continue to exist co-dependently with our environment, rather than independently. 

Koa Goods is here to not only update the individual’s wardrobe with sustainable, quality and premium blanks, but further to have a role in helping other companies who are striving to be leaders in the world's fight against climate change. 

Koa Goods will be Australasia's first carbon zero clothing producer of sustainable fabrics, fabrics that minimise the effect on the environment, while maintaining an even higher quality than the current less sustainable alternatives.

Koa will be here to create and deliver merchandise for brands, companies, festivals and artists who are striving for a greener future and want to join the revolution. We are able to assist in the process every step of the way, from design, through production to delivery, ensuring the creation of quality, premium and eco-friendly merchandise that is kind to our planet.